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Refund due to character files corupted

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[Refund Request]*Gr4nNyRiPp3r*

Your Name: Gr4nNyRiPp3r
Item Name + ID + Ammount: 4 ender quarries, 8 speed 3 upgrades, 4 fortune 3 upgrades
Coordinates:  unknown (myscraft dimensions
Description of Issue: 

I had created a topic as my player files were corrupted due to me logged off in a rf tools dimention.

I lost:

4 ender quarries

8 speed 3 upgrades

4 fortune 3 upgrades

4 ender chests(no need to refund) + 1 tesseract (no need to refund)

I didn't lose them because I didn't take them out of the mystcraft dimensions, I lost them because I was unable to log in before the mystcraft worlds reset due to my character files that corrupted.

you can come have a look at what and how many I have mined to prove that I did have them as well.

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