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[Refund Request] Cytochrome_C

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Name: Cytochrome_C    |   @Cytochrome C on discord if you need to contact me.

Issue: Server rollback effectively deleted my inventory, the following are the items that I can't easily replace.

  • x1 Dark Helm (5769) with Empowered III 
  • x1 Dark Plate (5770) with Empowered III, Glider Wings
  • x1 Dark Leggings (5771) with Empowered III, Speed I
  • x1 Dark Boots (5772) with Empowered III
  • x1 Emeradic AIOT (4294)

Incase you're not familiar with EnderIO, here are the steps to add the upgrades.

  1. Dark Helm: Combine Dark Helm with Vibrant Crystal, Basic Capacitor, Double Layered Capacitor. (This is for Empowered III)
  2. Dark Plate: In addiction to Empowered III, add Glider Wings (5768:1).
  3. Dark Leggings: Add Empowered III + then combine with x1 speed potion in an anvil.
  4. Dark Boots: Only add Empowered III.

Coordinates: X: -10987     Y: 73     Z: -16623


Edit: I broke my grave and half my items disappear? No idea what caused this.

  • x1 Tier 1 Unbreakable Wand
  • x1 Manyullen Ingot
  • x1 Diamond Silk Touch pickaxe with 1/2 durability.

Thanks for your hard work, heres a cat gif.

Case Closed.


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