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Hacked Client - PS


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28 minutes ago, MarceLOL said:

@Teeetiiiaaa  Explain it


/i command doesn't stack anymore

Well, you can go to singleplayer, use /give Tetiia minecraft:elytra 64 (it works) and save it in toolbars.


And, when you join Pure or a server where you have creative (the server must be 1.12.2) you can have the toolbars.

(X+1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9)I never heard about a hack that lets you stack items, but who knows what hackers can do :P 

PS: Tetiia doesn't have hacks, I am very sure about that.


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Oh so you don't know how did you get that xdd that's really funny. With /item is impossible to stack non-stackable items.

I have in mind two ways for that, but if you don't answer how did you do it, what am I supposed to expect?

You are not going to explain it, right?

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I was giving you a chance to explain it, but okay. If you don't want to confess I will interpret that as a "I don't admit my mistake".

So, there were two options: to obtain them in singleplayer and keep the items in the hotbar or just hacks.

You can have a punishment of illegal items (since in survival is impossible to stack that) or for hacked client. I'll proceed to ban you for hacked client, they accused you for that and you didn't give any answer to it. (Well, you invented the /item thing, which is a lie).

Therefore, punished for hacked client. Thanks for reporting,


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