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[Island Rollback Request] MusicNerdDavid

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Name: MusicNerdDavid (Others effected: @Cytochrome_C, @EnterZoneKonjo)
Island Owner Name: MusicNerdDavid
Coordiantes: [In Screenshot below]
Time/Date: 6/8/18 Around 6:30 or 7 EST 
Description of Issue: EnterZoneKonjo was building me a mob farm while i was doing something else. He was using immersive engineering conveyor belts and then crashed. After coming on multiple alts and crashing he told me to try to break the conveyor belts and i went to try to do it and once i did /is home i instantly crashed and have been unable to get back on since. A few hours later Cytochrome_C went to my island and crashed as well. I talked to a friend of mine who is staff (@TaraBites) and she told me you may be able to world edit the conveyor belts. I'd like to lose as little of my stuff out of this as possible since I was working on other stuff as this was going on and don't want to have to restart that. 
Screenshots (Optional): The cords of the base. I can't get close enough for the exact cords for the issue but i pointed to it in the picture.



Crash Report: (From @Cytochrome_Chttps://pastebin.com/z7pNNt7i

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