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Inventory Rollback Request - greenMachine1123

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Your Name: greenMachine1123 (I changed my minecraft name from greeneLeader_ to greenmachine1123 after getting frequently confused with my brothers account GreeneLeader) 
Coordinates: Current Coordinates x: -57 z: 803 y: 96
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine) (day/month/year): 8:58 pm June 9th 2018 
Description of Issue: The server had been having issues with mining a block not giving a drop so wanted to find out if it was isolated to my claim so I flew out of my claim. I forgot that I had not powered my chunkloaders so when the chunk containing the water mills powering my angel ring unloaded I fell and died. Then in panic about lossing all my stuff I dung the grave and got nothing back. This issue is currently happening server wide as of 9:15 pm est, June 9th 2018. I hope that I can get a rollback as I am not 100% sure of how many items I had for sure so refunding wouldn't be easy.  
Screenshots (Optional): 

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