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refound Request*Gold3nWolf*


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Your Name: Gold3nWolf
Item Name + Amount: 

full cobalt pickaxe

full cobalt hammer

iron-cobalt lumberaxe 

cobalt shovel with wooden stick

full Manyullyn rapier

full Manyullyn shuriken

1.5 stack of certus quartz

12 Coleslaw burger

1 iron backpack
Coordinates (format x, y, z)x:-766 z:-2412 y:64
Coordinates of Death Tablet placed in a chest: there are no death tablet
Description of Issue: My gravestone didn't give me my items back. Probably because PVP timer was on.
Screenshots (Optional): 

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  • Founder

I can only refund those items with a inventory rollback, please post a date to rollback your inventory to when you had them last time i your inventory, also remember to empty your inventory before you leave the server

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