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[inventory rollback request] *blueblasterz*

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Your Name: blueblasterz
Coordinates: x 8798 / y 0 / z 5623
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 6/12/18 2:40:00 AM (UTC +1)
Description of Issue: all the content of my tombstone felt in the void ( except toats, zivicio sword, axe and leggings) 


EDIT : I made this request late in the night, and yet I realize that I didn't loose that much things, so please ignore this request (I can't find how to remove it, sorry) 

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Can't remove it, but i can close the topic.

Just an extra hint regarding graves; you can platform around the dirtblock and even better, Right-Clicking the grave with a shovel (i use vanilla wooden shovel) releases the content of your grave without having to break it. But i'd mostly advise using a magnet or making a platform.


Anyways T/C

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