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Refund Request [Closed]


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Account Name: iiHero

Item name + item ID (item ID optional, but very helpful)

 QuantumSuit helmet (2): 4174:27

QuantumSuit BodyArmor (1): 4175:27

QuantumSuit leggings (1): 4176:27

QuantumSuit boots (2): 4177:27

Draconic Sword (1): 5623 with a sharpness 5 and a reaper 5 book on it.

Golden bag of Holding (1): 5818

Wireless terminal (1): 4342

Wyvern Chestplate (1): 4634

Wyvern Leggings (1): 5635

Angel Ring (Dragon) (1): 5800:3

Angel Ring (Fairy) (1): 5800:2

Draconic Flux Capacitor (1): 5658:1

Builder's Wand (1): 5807

And quite a few tinker's tools but those aren't as important.



Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened]: 6/12/18 around 10:00 pm UTC -5


Description of Issue:

I had my home set at a couple wither skeleton spawners in the nether and completely forgot that it was set there. When I did /home, my game crashed and when I logged back on, I had died with all of my items on me. A very idiotic move, I told my friend, MadeInChina361 to get on so I could borrow his armor to go get mine. When I did /back to go to where I died, my game crashed again and when I logged back on, I was dead again.

Evidence (optional, but recommended): I didn't have any screenshots of my inventory, the only real evidence I have is the fact that my inventory is empty and MadeInChina361 doesn't have an angel ring, armor or a sword.

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