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Strongbox and other inventories vanishing


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It's happened multiple times now - I have 9 invar strongboxes and three crates. Originally, I had them in the same chunk as my smeltery, then I noticed three of them got emptied overnight. I moved all my containers into the next chunk because someone said something about having containers in the same chunk as a smeltery can cause problems. A little while later, while I was smelting some ores, I went to deposit some into a container and four of the nine had been completely wiped, again. It doesn't appear limited to the strongboxes as one of the crates' inventories got wiped, too. The first time wasn't as big of a deal because it was my food crates mostly, but this last time it cleared out almost all of my ores, blocks, and ingots, stacks and stacks of them.


Is there any way to avoid this? It's not just the smeltery, apparently.


I'm actually afraid to put down any boxes now because of how often the inventories have been wiped. Three separate occasions at least, no common thread. Can't really play like this ?

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We are sorry for the problems you're having. If it was important, try to ask for a refund or a rollback so as to get your your items back. The bug seems be caused by a smeltery or other multi-block structure when it's placed in the middle of two chunks, so try to avoid that and place it inside a single chunk. You can check chunks easily using the F9 key.

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I already explained in game about the issue, just keep your storage systems away from any multiblocks.
This happens on every infinity server I've seen so far, there isn't much we can do about it apart from keeping things in their own chunks.
Also I let you take a bunch of stuff from my quarry storage system if you need more feel free to ask.

7 hours ago, Spartanzack said:

We just lost pretty much everything on the same restart, all the disks in our ME Drives are just gone.

Please make a refund request of any lost items and I can get right on that after work.
Otherwise you can make a rollback request DO NOT change/move/edit anything in the chunk you want rolled back.
That chunk also has to be claimed and you'll have to wait for Bruny either on a friday or monday.

Both rollback and refund templates can be found here:


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