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Refund Request (and possible bug) Bad_Wolf_Bay

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Your Name: Bad_Wolf_Bay

Item Name + Amount: 

Mending Moss 1

White Dank Null 1

Ender Pearls (I'm guessing at least 16)

Enough lapis to have fortune 1 on a tinker tool 

Honestly, the mending moss and dank null are all I'm looking for to be returned.  Those were a pain (and the moss was a chest reward but my death cost me about 186 levels, so I'm kinda short to make another moss a mending moss right now.)

Everything else I can remake (tinker's tools, vanilla armor, vanilla diamond sword, iChisel, chisel & bit chisel (diamond)) <--not worried about this stuff.

Probably had more, but I'm not worried about that.

Coordinates (format x, y, z)

 End 104 56 27
Coordinates of Death Tablet placed in a chest: 

-778 80 -634  (it shows no inventory, see below.)
Description of Issue: 

I died In the end at a claimed area with an ender farm and Quagma popped my grave for me. I was returned nothing.


****As for the bug, my death tablet shows no inventory at all (not even armor). I didn't go in naked and I carried a diamond sword ( I can remake it, no problem).****


Screenshots (Optional): 

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