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[Refund Request]crusha


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Your Name: crusha
Item Name + Amount: 

Power Armor Hemet + Energy Shield 

Power Armor Chest Plate + Jetpack + Energy Shield

Power Armor Leggins + Energy Shield + Spring Assist + Jump Assist + Uphill Step Assist

Power Armor Boots + Shock Absorber + Energy Shield

Redstone Energy Cell


Power Fist + Axe + PickAxe + Shovel + Shears

Big Backpack

52 level

x: 3378

y: ????  

z: -4182
Description of Issue: 

I was running through the tunnel and i appeared in unloaded chunk and it killed me within 5 seconds and i couldn't go back because i was bugged in this chunk, i don't really know how that happened but it was so quick... I disconnected from the server and when i logged back i was dead and i used command /back and it brought me to coordinates what i given to you... I really enjoy this server but I want my items back, thank you...
Screenshots (Optional): 

I dont have screenshots because i was so stressed what happend...

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