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Lolz (not an actual complaint it's just funny :D)


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In-Game Nickname: @Beh


Time and date: 06.16. 2:52


Screenshots or Proof: 


Description of what happened:

first of, its a meme, here is the origin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYpnINrZM_M

second, what makes it even more hillarious, is that im black... :D:D:D
i mean i get it and appreciate it and dont really care about the mute either but this is just silly oversensitivity... :P




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Well, let me point out that its in rules, I am staff meaning I need to follow them and go with what they tell me to do if someone broke one of those rules. Meme or not, joke or not, no matter what color, ethnicity or religion you are part of, not allowed. Everyone is equal.


Oversensitive, not even close, nothing to do with me. Kinda ironic to say silly oversensitivity but you are the one who made a post to point out how "funny" it is and how you dont care about mute.


In future these parts of forums are for serious topics and posts, if you you will joke like this then please, dont post anything.



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