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[Refund Request] Demciak


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Your Name: Demciak
Item Name + Amount: 

2x blaze spawner

48x control rod

432x fuel rod

+- 1000 reactor casing

+- 150 reactor glass

+- 1000 uranium 

1x matter beamer (full infused 4x64 dimensional shard) (from rftools)

11x matter beamer (normal)

1x spawner from rftools

all press from ae2 that we lose when ae2 stuff is gone

20x water mill

Coordinates (format x, y, z): -1423, 77, -2411
Coordinates of Death Tablet placed in a chest: ??
Description of Issue: My compact machines are broken in my last rollback Brunyman can't do back this then please back me items i can't enter this compact machines water mill is working (i can fly) but i can't enter there and someone tell me compact machines are remove from server then i want to back it to place it in my base. Sorry for my perfect english xD
Screenshots (Optional): 

Blaze: vVp94xH.png

Reactor: ASKdJ7a.png

Water mill: CwvwSwQ.png


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