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[Refund Request]


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Your Name: Strontium342
Item Name + Amount: 1 Resonant Strongbox with lots of enderium blocks inside, 8 yellorium, a couple tesseracts, some quarries and pumps, a bunch of cables and pipes, and a bunch of other stuff
Coordinates+27, -2 (x,y i think)
Description of Issue: As i was touring a massive town, whose name i forgot, i right clicked on a machine and my strongbox appeared inside of it and could not be taken out. The only way to remove it was to push Esc to get out of the menu, resulting in the strongbox to drop, and leaving me unable to pick it up. I'd like the strongbox back, is all. Thanks.
Screenshots (Optional): Webp.net-compress-image.thumb.jpg.bef55a9cbac2718991671e858d11e702.jpg

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It was about as goes:

90 blocks of Enderium

8 yellorium blocks

3 tesseracts

2 resonant tanks

1 ender tank

3 quarries

2 pumps

about 13 golden transport pipe

about 11 Redstone energy conduits

a pneumatic servo

7 fluidicts

about 50 opaque fluiducts

about 5 or so opaque itemducts

about 15 Golden fluid pipes

1 obsidian transport pipe

30 sticks

32 shiny blocks

a flux pickaxe

a resonant strongbox with a resonant strongbox inside which also has another resonant strongbox inside (3 resonant strongboxes excluding the main one)

a diamond chest

powersuit boots and leggings with running modules

a resonant flux capacitor


I think that’s all, but I could be missing some things, as this all came from memory



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