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Market Signs made public - or equivalent?


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So as a few of you might have seen, I've got a pretty large build going on at the moment, which I plan to create an almost entirely aethetic-only town off of the back of. This *could* be converted into a market town if I had the ways and means.


I was thinking; Is it at all a chance to implement some kind of non-command-only way to sell items? Such as allowing the spawn shop system to be created by anyone - It would have some pretty positive implications for the server in my personal opinion:


- Give people's bases a reason to get foot-traffic, thus increasing people's effort into their builds

- Allow for themed bases (EG. Go to X base if you need farm supplies, Y for mining, Z for mob, etc.)

- More general variety in builds; - Less "Seen one base, seen most of them."


Thank yah!

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There could be, I'm not 100% sure, I was meaning a sign (or other) shop that ties into the /balance plugin as opposed to trading for Thermal Foundation item coins for example, to give people more incentive to earn money instead of the slow uphill trickle via voting, there's obviously the /market, which is  convenient by all means, but at the same time can be cumbersome, because few people seem to use it, and equally as few know to use it, making it practically impossible to decently earn currency?


I don't even know if such a plugin exists on Sponge, but it does give the end-gamers a reason to start specializing their trade, adds a fair bit of replayability IMO.

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