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    [Command Request] iRandomness

    Account Name: iRandomnessRank: Sponsor+Requested Commands^: Use of "&k" in my nickname.Reason for Request*: I'm incredibly vain and always used have a specific nickname on every /nick enabled server I've played, unable to use it on here though As a side-note - Is there any possibility of losing the "Nick:" prefix? I forgot how much I don't like being called Nick
  2. iRandomness

    FTB Revelation time for WIPE? Vote here!

    *Stirs from slumber*
  3. Okay so before I start; This isn't me digging at the current spawn, relatively speaking I personally think it's a nice build, but I've been AFKing around there a fair bit recently; and thought just go through my head. Extra pretext: When I was one of 3 admins on a very popular vanilla server, I was in charge of the (Huge) spawn build and various concepts, and this is inspired from, well, myself. (Or at least the concepts that worked well.) New To The Server: So one idea I had took inspiration from The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, if you've played it, do you remember the beginning? You start in the jail cell and work your way through to the end of what is essentially a tutorial, learning at the very least the basics by the time you hit the end, while at the same time feeling like you were just "Playing the game"? So I incorporated something very much like that in the past; You'd "Wake up" in the sewer of the spawn, which was exclusive only spawned in by people coming to the server for the first time; (/Spawn would be to the main part of spawn, after the "Intro Area"). They'd travel through what is essentially a one-way system, learning the rules & Server perks/features along the way, while at the same time having to go through 1 of 2 doors at various intervals that asked a question re: the rules. (Eg. What is Craftersland's opinion on killing other players? A) Kill anyone, anywhere! or B) Only in "Unclaimed" territory.) Picking the right answer would not only advance them further into becoming a server member, but equally double as them actively confirming they understand the rule, thus negating the "Sorry I must have missed that rule" excuse. The "Main" Spawn: While the current spawn is a nice build, I think we could agree it is a little empty on features, especially considering the sheer size of it; I was thinking of incorporating more of a community feel about it, a hub of sorts. Like you'd go to spawn on a busy day and people would actually be having a look around, using it, or just generally chilling out. How we did this was making it essentially a sectored citadel of sorts; So it'd have a dedicated market area, made to look like an actual market, instead of just a few signs on a wall, you'd follow signs to the lumbermill, or blacksmith or farmer's market, go up to the counter, and buy them from signs behind the counter (Maybe even throw a trapped villager "NPC" behind it.) While we used several /warps on my old server, we don't on Craftersland, but we do have Waystones. So why not make a hot air balloon port, with info of some prominent Waystone locations they can travel to via a docked hot air balloon? If people wanted to make their build public, they could request to have their build added to the "Areas of Interest" board. I have a few other less priority ideas while brainstorming that I'll just list off and not go into it too much, because their isn't too much to tell, but: - Staff heads/armour stands - So people know who the "Heirarchy" is, and know who is best to speak to if they're online at any given time. - Watermill - Instead of "just" an Ender Tank with water at spawn, why not make it look like the water is coming from a source? (Still Ender Tank) - A Forge - As above, but Lava. Could attach to the Blacksmith. - Small unused/unusable mod "Showcases" - To show people what some mods are we use, and can be used for. Give people inspiration! - A Trophy Hall - Think "Employee of the Month" but for significant deeds done by non-staff, in order to show appreciation from us staff. One upside of every single one of these ideas is that, not only do they generally help with running a smooth server, no extra mods or plugins are used. Other than the Ender Tanks, this could practically be done on a vanilla server with "The Usual" plugins which we already have and use anyway! If you did get this far, thanks for reading, I do appreciate it! ^_^
  4. iRandomness

    Market Signs made public - or equivalent?

    There could be, I'm not 100% sure, I was meaning a sign (or other) shop that ties into the /balance plugin as opposed to trading for Thermal Foundation item coins for example, to give people more incentive to earn money instead of the slow uphill trickle via voting, there's obviously the /market, which is convenient by all means, but at the same time can be cumbersome, because few people seem to use it, and equally as few know to use it, making it practically impossible to decently earn currency? I don't even know if such a plugin exists on Sponge, but it does give the end-gamers a reason to start specializing their trade, adds a fair bit of replayability IMO.
  5. So as a few of you might have seen, I've got a pretty large build going on at the moment, which I plan to create an almost entirely aethetic-only town off of the back of. This *could* be converted into a market town if I had the ways and means. I was thinking; Is it at all a chance to implement some kind of non-command-only way to sell items? Such as allowing the spawn shop system to be created by anyone - It would have some pretty positive implications for the server in my personal opinion: - Give people's bases a reason to get foot-traffic, thus increasing people's effort into their builds - Allow for themed bases (EG. Go to X base if you need farm supplies, Y for mining, Z for mob, etc.) - More general variety in builds; - Less "Seen one base, seen most of them." Thank yah!
  6. iRandomness

    Crash on Login - DW 1.12.2

    Hey there, I just joined your guys' community and it seems pretty good, but I was /rtping around to find a good spot and now whenever I login I get a crash as attached. I tried to /spawn out of there asap but now it's to the point where I can't even get into the game before it crashes. Thanks in advance! Edit: Logged in for long enough to see the crash co-ordinates if that at all helps: X 2346 Y 107 Z 685

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