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[Complaint] (rubio2)


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In-Game Nickname: (rubio2)



Time and date: Approx. 9:20pm, 6/21/2018



Description of what happened: rubio2 made a number of hateful comments towards the Jews including outright saying "kill the jews". He was persistent and flippant when confronted. 



Screenshots or Proof: (Use www.imgur.com)




List of eyewitnesses: (They should also make a post below)

List of people online at the time is included in the album.

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rubio2 has continued to make racist statements over the last several days. I've updated the album on imgur with further examples of what he's saying. He believes he can act with impunity as no one has done anything yet. I beg you to act soon to mute or ban him because he will only become worse if not checked.

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