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[Rollback Request] SNFoxy [ DW1.7 ]

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Account Name: SNFoxy

Town name: / Character name : Queens

Server: [ DW 1.7 ]

Coordinates: x= 2316

                      z= -3226 


                      x= 2301

                      z= 3226


Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 23/06/18  Don't know exact time but I'm guessing around 13:00

Description of Issue:  Half of my reactor is missing because someone griefed it. It was my fault for not claiming it properly as I didn't have the money to. I had already voted and used my money on getting resources, totally forgetting about the problem of claiming, so I only had enough money leftover to claim  half of it . Then I forgot to claim the rest. Ty

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