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[Rollback Request] Smug_Anime_Face


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Account Name: Smug_Anime_Face

Town name: / Character name : The_Savage_Patch

Coordinates: x: -4600 z: -260 (The chunk containing the empty ME drive that we replaced, not the whole town)

Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 9.50pm EST

Description of Issue: We placed a block crusher (Multi-block) next to our ME Drive, the crafting terminal was destroyed and the 10 drives inside vanished.



Corrupted ME Drive.jpg

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  • Founder

Hi, we cant do chunk only rollbacks, only entire area as in order to rollback modded data we need to use external software. All i can try is a rollback without placing air blocks, so new machines built will still be there. If this is not ok then the only way is item refund.

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Thanks for the reply Bruny, our group have decided to just do the item rollback because chino is worried about losing his house. We discussed an item rollback on discord and we came up with this list as to what we lost that was important (we lost a lot more but this is really what matters we think).

- 10* 64k storage drive (EMPTY)
- 2* of those ME storage components you get from legendary keys
- ME crafting Terminal
- 1* assembly table
- 6* lasers for assembly table
- almost a whole inventory of redstone blocks
- about a stack of emeralds and diamonds
- Noob coke burner thing and the multiblock that turns iron into steel with coke
- a relatively small 3x3x1 tinker's forge setup
- miscellaneous base metals that i forget the exact amounts of (between 1-3 stacks of each) e.g. Copper, Iron, Tin
- A thermionic fabricator
- a stack of hardened flux ducts
- "The Vat" (that liquid thing from ender IO that you need to make plastic)
- those metals you get from that one legendary key that includes signalum and enderium, 16* of each, or however many was in it


I'll try talking to some staff on the server it's discord so we started playing again soon, when we get our stuff back I'll mention it here so we don't waste anymore of anyone's time or accidentally get things twice.




(P.S. If you want to check if we really had these items, check inventory logs etc. Our group is: Smug_Anime_Face, chinougly, fandomtopia)


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4353 * 10
4362:38 * 2

5788:7 * 2

7102:3 * 2

4363:360 * 1

1298 * 1

1297 * 6

152 * (around 1000, whatever an inventory is. 1028?)

264 * 64

388 * 64

2042:1 * 32

2042:2 * 32

5141:65 * 128

5141:64 * 128

265 * 128

266 * 128

5141:74 * 16

5141:76 * 16

5141:75 * 16

1725 * 1

2533:2 * 64

1165 * 1

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