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[Unban] Trilon97


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1] In-Game Username:

[2] Details of Situation:

-(I killed somebody near his town. )-

[3] Ban Category:

-( No Griefing Any Protected Territory )-

[4] Ban Duration:

-( 2 month )-

[5] Staff Member:

-( Zethrindor )-

[6] ScreenShots:

-(Answer in this line)-

[7] Your Reason:
-(I go out for a little pvp at night, i found somebody, i go into his territory and he started to hit me. I went out from there territory and he followed me so i killed him when i left the territory. He called the admin. (He is in the admin's friendlist) I tell him that i killed the player but i left the territory. In the chat the other player abuse me several time but the admin didn't do anything. Another admin told me that if i give them back he's items i didn't get bann. I told them that i didn't pick up he's items but ok i will craft it. I started crafted in auto me craft when i get the bann. I logged to another account to ask Zeth why bann be when i spoke with another admin. He banned me again and again and didn't listen to me.)-

I never had ban before i always helped other player, i want to ask for unbann.

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You got banned for using a bow to hit players inside their claims while you stood outside of that same claim(in other words bypassing claim), you admited to have done this in global chat.
After I punished you for Rule 8(1st offense = 7 days/ for using the bow to bypass their claim) you decided it would be a great idea to ban evade by using another account to join the server. Sadly you did this 5 times which violates Rule 18 (Ban evading/Using diferent accounts to enter the server), because of this your ban time went up with every account you used that violated Rule 18.

9 hours ago, Trilon said:

(He is in the admin's friendlist)

Just because I'm helping players with their problems doesn't mean I'm their friend so please don't incriminate people just because you're angry at them.

9 hours ago, Trilon said:

Another admin told me that if i give them back he's items i didn't get bann.

You should note that I was the only member of staff present at that time, everyone else was either a regular player or premium player, meaning that the person that told you this wasn't a member of staff. That same player, that told you that you wouldn't get banned if you gave them the items back, didn't say he was a staff member, he was simply trying to help you so you wouldn't get banned but unfortunatly not only did you bypass the town claim but you also admited to the act.


9 hours ago, Trilon said:

He banned me again and again and didn't listen to me.

I kept banning you because you were constantly violating Rule 18 (ban evading/using a diferent account to join the server), if you wanted to talk to me or any other member of staff you should've used the forums or discord. Not to mention that you thought it would be a great idea to call me an idiot after joining with one of your other accounts.

Note: For someone that claims to have played in the server for 1.5 years you seem to have an alarming lack of knowledge of the rules, I advise that you read them once more.

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I  admited that i killed him not killed him in the area but thanks.... But i think that i do more for players than you :) once i did something wrong sorry. But every time when i logged in i help other players -.-" . So LambofGod not an admin? If not sorry i think the red playername is for admin. I just spoke with him that i give them items back and don't do it again. I never cheated, i never break the rule that's why i ask for unban. I won't do it again, i just wanna play with my friends.

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Trying to brag about that you are more helpful than others is a very strange way to justify breaking the rules.

No, red names don’t always mean staff, you should look at the prefix instead- we’ve got ”helper, Judge, mod, Admin & GM”

Anyone can donate for a custom prefix of any color, even red.


And you say that you ”never break the rule”, but you did break the rules, and ignorance and not knowing the rules is not an excuse- the main problem here is that you kept ban evading and that is what made the ban length stack up, originally this ban was only two days.


I’ll let Zeth have the final verdict


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The way you've been handling this unban request has been very unpleasant and like Henk I really don't see how bragging about helping people is supposed to help your case here.
You've bragged about playing in the server for 1.5 years but that didn't stop you from breaking the rules and be disrespectfull towards me.
Next time you should think before you act so you can avoid making the situation worse.

Unban Request Denied

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