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Dupped Items - xTeTiia and Ratulla (LittleDiax)


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Network server (Ac v1, Factions, etc.): Pure Survival


Username in the game: 7u7_Paradox_7u7

Nickname of which you complain: xTTetiia and Ratulla and Ratulla is LittleDiax with another account


Description of the situation: xTTetiia asked Ratulla for a block of quartz to duplicate it and other items


Screenshots / Video test (required): https://imgur.com/a/9hXuEoc



Players who can confirm their situation (if applicable):

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I checked the bases of both users you're complaining about and I didn't find any illegal items.

Also, duplicating quartz? Well, it's absolutely possible if they will use it for buildings, but it's not like they're duplicating diamond blocks or something differently useful of building. And I'm not saying that if it's not diamonds is legal. However, I will check their inventories when I see them in-game and take the appropriate punishment if needs.


Thanks for complaining!



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