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[Refund Request]SpongebobFan123

Account Name: SpongebobFan123

Item name + item ID: full awakened draconic armor set, a draconic staff of power, phantasmal queen, 10 dragon eggs, a knapsack, 32 awakened cores worth of upgrades (aka 32 awakened cores) 1 tesseract, 1 golden bag of holding, 1 dimensional shard ore dimlet


Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened]: 3PM ( GMT+9 ) 5th of July.


Description of Issue:I tried to use my matter transceiver but somehow it dialed to a random dim instead of where i intended it and before i knew it, poof! all my stuff was gone...

and when i tried to get them back, the matter receiver was gone...

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