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[Refund Request] ARegularTowel


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Account Name: ARegularTowel

Item name + item ID (item ID optional, but very helpful):

Arthana 7153

Bound Blade 4368

Cane Sword 7158

Sigil of Holding 4381

Sigil of Divination 4382

Air Sigil 4377

Sigil of Haste 4380

Sigil of the Phantom Bridge 4428

Sigil of the Blood Lamp 4441

Archmage's Blood Orb 4418

Sanguine Helmet 7495

Sanguine Robes 7496

Sanguine Leggings 7497

Sanguine Boots 7498

Sanguine Scientim 6853

Thaumonomicon 4502

Thaumometer 4503

Focus Pouch 4484

Wand Focus: Fire 4485

Wand Focus: Shock 4486

Wand Focus: Blink 6772

Wand Focus: Dislocation 7277

Void Aspected Infernal Wand (Not listed in nei but if I have 2 Charged Void metal Caps 4482:7 and an Infernal Rod 6758:1 I can make it)

Collar of Pain 6768

Revitalizing Ring of Shielding 4546:3

Witches Hand 7159

Mystic Branch 7161

Witchcraft: Circle Magic 7140:48

Witchcraft: Symbology 7140:107

Taglock Kit 7141

Seer Stone 7140:94

Enchanted Broom 7140:9

Safari Net (Reusable) 5692 (with an owl in it)

Witches' Hat 7188

Golden Lasso 5804 (with an owl in it)

Golden Bag of Holding 5818

Tinker's Construct Steel Pickaxe 6633

Tinker's Construct Steel Lumber Axe 6645



Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened]:

7/10/17 10:45 AM


Description of Issue:

I died in spawn and couldn't break my grave

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