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Support Req - Issues with power

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Hi There, I have been having issues with power for probably over a week that I can recall. First it started with a Thermal Expansion energy cell: When setting the output RF level on the device it will ramp the out put up to 2.14T rf/t and if connected to energy consumers drain the device entirely. I have a 50M RF cell and it has been drained at least 3 times in a matter of seconds. Thinking it might be related to Thermal Expansion, I then switched to RFTools cells... the issue I am having is that randomly all the power will drain from all the cells, I don't have any large power consumers ( Ihave a void miner now, but it was happening prior to that as well), so then I tired using just DE energy i/o crystals, however it seems that they can not interact directly with blocks or TE fluxduct (cryostabilized) and so have now moved on to using Energy Pylons as distribution sources, bit still the power will just stop entirely for some reason...


Any help is appreciated





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As of now, Energy storage devices from both Thermal Expantion and RFTools are bugged. Your best option right now is to setup a Draconic Energy Core (Yes, they can be expensive..)

As for the Draconic Evolution energy crystals, they should be able to directly connect to Thermal Expansion fluxducts of any kind. I know that the last time i tried this method it was working fine. 

I can take a look at your base if you wish for me to try and find the issue and fix it for you. Just let me know via this forum post or send me a message on discord: SKULL9867#3659

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I can confirm that 1. Thermal Expansion energy cells no longer have the issues regarding power input/output. 2. Energy Crystal from Draconic Evolution are working as inteded aswell - They will transfer power from either fluxduct or energy cell from Thermal Expansion as intended. 3. Power Cells from RFTools seem to be working correctly now.


Sorry for the delayed response, I've been away for the past few weeks.

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