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Best sir/miss,


My name I Lance (DutchCreator_) and I got banned for large creative abuse but I didnt use the creative mode. An other player named jojoosinga helped us a bit and gave us some items but he said that he may get banned but he didnt tell Justinvanm and me that we also were able to get banned. I think its a unfair ban because we didnt knew that we where doing something agains the rules. This was not our intention.

I hope you will understand this. We hope that you will unban us.

Best regards Lance (DutchCreator_).

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After much thought, I have decided that the ban will stay as 2 days. Ignorance is no excuse and you all (DutchCreator_, Justinvanm, jojoosinga) have abused the creative permission. Even if you yourself do not have access to creative you still accepted the large quantity of items (150k yellorium blocks) and creative power (infinite energy cells), which, to be honest, if you read the rules it would be common sense to not allow a creative player to build and give free power/items such as infinite energy cells.


I have removed most items such as the yellorium blocks, snowballs, the fluid storage cells that were crafted using the creatively spawned items and a few other things.

2 days is not a long time, most of your items are still there so feel free to continue your progress after the 2 day ban. In the future i recommend being cautious of other people such as creative players and think twice about things you do within the game. I also recommend giving the rules page a thorough read through to prevent any future issues.


Unban request denied.

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