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Loss of items


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Name: PocketBlackHole

Items: Tesseract 4, a full set of power armor (helmet:diamond plating, energy shield, heat sink, night vision, water electroliser, auto feeder, solar generator, HV solar generator, radiation shield, basic battery and flight control, Chestplate: everything in the enviroment section, magnet, jetpack, thermal generator, basic battery, diamond plating, energy shield and heatsink, Leggings: rad shield, uphill assist, jump assist, sprint assist, basic battery, kinetic generator, diamond plating, energy shield and heatsink, Boots: rad shield, jet boost, shock absorber, basic battery, diamond plating, energy shield and heatsink), power fist (basic battery, melee assist, field tinker module, diamond drill upgrade, in-place assembler, axe, pickaxe, shovel, shears, hoe, prototype omniwrentch and a leaf blower), quarry 1, resonant jetpack (from simply jetpacks) 1, Redstone energy conduits 128, Itemducts 55, pneumatic servo 1, lime big backback 1, coal blocks 320, coal 384 (coal stuff was in the backpack), minium stone (there was some durability taken off), block of diamond 14, baked potatoes 104, (i had the voting kit in which you get the mob grinding machines like reusable nets and other), I had also some other things that are not of great value.

Coordinates: I have lost the items in a mystcraft Age (but if it is really needed, I the book is placed at: -4425, -2872, 72, and the death coordinates in the Age are: -35, -16, 66

Description of Issue: I overheated for no reason, this happens often, but not every time do I lose everything from my inventory


Thank you in advance!


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