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[Rollback Request]Bashuri135[DW1.7]

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Account Name: Bashuri135

Town name: / Character name : (town) Bash

Server: ( dw1.7  )

Coordinates: x:4000 z:-3700 y:64 and down

Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 3 august 2018

Description of Issue: My base was griefed. I logged out with the setting that let other players modify land in my base. (Not my intention)

I was not able to play since due to my work.

I would like a rollback so i could have my own stuff back, since they stole all my machines, ae2 drives tech ect.

They also build some blocks in my base so u could check who did it, ive marked the blocks with some signs.


Thanks in advance.


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