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Bug: chisels n bits issues

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DW20 1.12

All of a sudden you can't chisel flat colored blocks, cobblestone or stone (and granite).

I'm not sure if there's more blocks, but these I tried the day of this posting and they wouldn't chisel.  They would show as chiseled in the one probe description but with an error. You break them and they showed as chiseled in your inventory but when you place them they would be solid (unchiseled) still with the chiseled tag.

If you spam chiseled them, your chisel would break, but you wouldn't be able to do anything (open chests, etc.) like you timed out but the client didn't notice yet.  When you log out and log back in, you're chisel would be back but the unchiseled-chiseled blocks would still be in your inventory or on the ground...still unchiseled.


Yeah, I had the same reaction (Huh?).

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