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[Refund Request] Existenter


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Note: Changed from inventory rollback request to refund request after consultation of Towilloughby (original thread forum.craftersland.net/topic/29792-inventory-rollback-request-existenter/) - sorry for double posting.
Your Name: Existenter
Item Name + Amount: 
92 Structure Frames Tier 6
56 Structure Panels
13 Null Modifiers
7 Speed Modifiers
6  Laser Cores
1  Clear Laser Lens (Environmental Tech)
Coordinates (format x, y, z): +2,200 / 9 / -2,360 (Original position of tier 5 void ore miner controller); +2,206 / 58 / -2,361 (Position of ME crafting terminal I used to craft/upgrade)
Coordinates of Death Tablet placed in a chest: No idea what that is, sorry
Description of Issue: Disassembled my tier 5 void ore miner entirely, upgraded parts to tier 6 (I. e. had all parts in my inventory), then server closed connection and did not let me join again for a few hours, me noticing at least one restart in between. After I was able to join again, the tier 5 miner was no longer placed in the world, but all the building blocks have also vanished from my inventory.

Unfortunately I have not really paid attention to the current time, but I suppose it should be possible to see the tier 5 miner having been there before. Would it be possible to at least restore the tier 5 miner, or to reimburse the tier 6 building blocks?

Thank you!
Screenshots (Optional):  None

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