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[Refund Request] AlphaTrionPrime


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Your Name: AlphaTrionPrime

Item Name + Amount: 58 graphite block , 40 blocks of iron,power armor leggings with sprint assist and jump assist 

1 full redstone power cell, particle accelerator this took for ever to make i hate these gltiches,  3 stacks of atmoic eletromagents, a stack of eletromagantic glasses and 5 fulmination genrator, planter, harvester, flux infused pickaxe, 32 item responder chip, 28 i think item extracter chip , 30 item  broad caster chip


Edit they same thing happened again and i just my freaking stuff agian this time my power armor helment with night vision, my chest plate with jetpack, flight control , boots with jet boots and shcok aborver, 10 reactor casing , wrench and a resonat energy cell 

Took fall damage even though i was using powersuit with jet boots and shock absorver when trying to finish my particle accelerator ,and fell in to gelid cryomethem from my big reactor

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