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Kicks me out whenever I try to login in the lobby


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This is a very brief and simple problem. Whenever I wanna login into the server I just do what the server tells me to do "/login + my password" but whenever I enter that command in order to login I get kicked out with the message: "Connection Lost. dissconect.spam" and I'm just putting in my password, what am I doing wrong?


Thanks in advance, Adriexpo.

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I'm not sure anymore to who I talked about that problem earlier but anyways, gonna say it for you here as well :)

This is a plugin error/issue/bug and it's actually a big problem for no premium users. Until the plugins are fully updated, you guys couldn't be able to play on 1.13 cuz it kicks all when trying to type whatever in chat. For premium users it shouldn't be such a problem because we don't need to /login, but again it gets us kicked once we type anything, unfortunately...

It should be fixed all after the updates, soon in time hopefully

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