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I was playing on the skyblock server and i found out that the challenge "build a nether fortress" isnt working.

When i want to complete the challenge it says it misses all 512 nether brick while all other block's are reconized

I looked up the plugins website and it seems they made a mistake in the yml file with the item id.

In the file it says: nether_bricks with the s on the end in stead of nether_brick wich i think is the official minecraft id

Can u please fix this error.



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Hello, there was a small typo in the config that made is look for NETHER_BRICK, instead of NETHER_BRICKS, the difference here is that the first one is the "ingot" looking brick, which can't be placed down. and the other one is the block.

Typo corrected, tested and works again!

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