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FTB Continuum Server Update to Modpack version 1.5.2!


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Time for a big modpack update! A lot of bug fixes, about 62 mods got updated.

You can also get the new Continuum version on our launcher here:


Official Changelog:


1.5.2 HOTFIX

**Fix Silicon Issues

Scripts Updated:
-Fixed sand-silicon recipe in efab
-Removed unification of silicon
-Changed IC2 basic circuit recipe to use Refined Storage silicon; closes #462 #463 #465


1.5.1 HOTFIX

**Fix TechReborn ore spawning in the overworld

Mods Updated:


1.5.0 UPDATE

Mods Updated:
-Pam's HarvestCraft 1.12.2z.jar

-Hide refined storage covers from JEI
-Removed natura edibles (except Raw Imphide) from the raw meat food group fixing the berry recipes; closes #375

-Changed Quark chute recipe to advoid conflict with low fences; closes #441
-Reeabled Adv Storage block for efab as it should work as intended now
-Removed Flux Chest Plate from EFab due to NBT data issues; closes #419
-Removed copper casing from TiC Smeltery to fix copper exploit; closes #371
-Added recipe to empty oil from AA generator; closes #333
-Removed solder removal recipes as it was removed in last RS udpate

-Made quest for Crafting CPU
-Fixed typo; closes #344
-Fixed another typo; closes #362
-Removed incorrect text from Arc Furnace quest; fixes #443
-Fusionarium set to not consume; fixes #433
-Moved Iron Man quest to not require Digital Upgrade


Modded Experts!


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