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Suggested Plug-In for Inventory Restoration


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I recently learned that our server uses a rather lengthy process to restore player data in the event of a no grave death, crash, or corruption. I feel that implementing an Inventory Rollback plugin would simplify this process and make it easier and quicker to restore player inventories in the event of loss. The Inventory Rollback plugin (https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/inventory-rollback.48074/) is one possible option that is very well received. It backs up player inventory upon death, joining or disconnecting from the server, and changing worlds. While the traditional method works well, it can be overwhelming when first used. A plugin such as this provides a GUI interface and retains up to 50 "instances" per player. This would make inventory rollback and restoration much simpler for those who handle such things.

Please, keep in mind that I am unaware of all the plugins used for the server, and only wish to offer a suggestion that may help both moderators and players quickly resolve Inventory issues. I hope you will take the time to consider this as one of several potential options and only as a suggestion. Thank you for your time.

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The major issues with that plugin is that it is made for spigot API, and our server and all modded servers after 1.7.10 use sponge API, so this plugin is not compatible with spigot or have a spigot version. The idea is good, we will need to find a easier way to do rollbacks sooner or later.

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