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Sams Declassified Tekkit Survival Guide [2] Booting up


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Hey guys,

I feel I’m very experienced on tekkit now and I keep hearing certain questions that people struggle to find that come up often. So I decided over the next few months or weeks all post little segments of little tips and tricks of your guide to survival in our tekkit server, hope you all enjoy.


Allot of people who decide to be active on this pack is usually because they have current hardware restrictions like 2-4 gbs of ram and smaller devices like laptops. Take note however that ram doesn’t play as big as a effect in all games but is a big part of modded mc.



If you have a laptop and want to increase your productivity and run speed, ram can be one of the biggest influence on you mc experience. Allot of people don’t know that ram is one of the cheapest parts to acquire for a laptop(not the same thing for a full computer tower) they are easy to install and easy to acquire. While this isn’t a miracle worker it is a massive influence. If your laptop is running 2 or 4 or 6 gbs of ram it is generally upgradable, however MOST laptops have 2 slots where you can put ram. If you have 4gbs you can get 2gbs or 4gbs to make 6 or 8. Which will not only increase your general productivity speed, but also your gaming speed for mc.


 Computer Towers-

Gaming towers are definitely for the best preferable performance(depending on the tower) 8gbs of ddr4 ram or ddr3 ram with a decent processor and motherboard. I recommend ryzen 5-7 for its integrated graphics that can save you a cost of a graphics card. I also recommend going for 1 or few sticks of the high gigabyte ram instead of many of smaller sticks of ram. For example if you buy four 4gbs of ddr4 if you wish to upgrade in the future then you have to buy all new ram. But if you buy 2 sticks of 8gb ram you still have room to upgrade in the future. With a descent WELL BUILT pc build you should have no trouble running any cl pack. 



In conclusion I wouldn’t call tekkit a “demanding” pack but some changes in your computer can not only optimize mc but can also make you general computer experience better.


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