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[Refund Request]TNT_sword


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Name: TNT_sword

Item Name + Amount: My inventory, flux infused jetplate, fluxbore resonant, fluxsaw resonant, rest of the flux infused armor, flux bow and quiver and some other stuff i cant remember, not important. But apart from that the most important where the enchants, all maxed with the kikoku except for the saw that had regular enchants. I cant remember the enchants exactly, i think the armor only had holding 6, 7? and protec 7 or 8 was the max? but the bow and the fluxbore im not really sure, so how about when im going to be given back the items give me a shout so i come on and go through the enchants? Because the enchants is what i dont want to loose tbh...
Coordinates: Happened at Funkapee's base
Description of Issue: Toombstone nowhere to be found, died when shooting some random mob at funkapees place and an arrow bounced for some reason and hit me, TNT_sword shot TNT_sword.
Screenshots (Optional): its just my inv without a wireless blablabla and blabla card.


PD: I think pory knows the enchants i had since they were maxed so theres no need in that case xd

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