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Claim Rollback Request


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Your Name:  iCourt
Coordiantes: -2178 70 -705
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine)7/8/18
Description of Issue: I had recently bought the RefinedStorage kit on the Direwolf 1.12 server. After setting it all up and adding power, we were all good and added our 2.4K items into it. Then a restart happened. When I logged into the server, the Disk Drive block was empty and turned 180 degrees from the way I placed it. The Crafting Grid was placed 90 degrees from the way I placed it. When I broke these blocks, none of the drives appeared anywhere. I've checked all chests, furnaces, and everything in the area and the 2x 64k drives were not found.

Staff in the Discord have told me RefinedStorage is completely broken and I should use AE2. Is it possible for you guys to rollback my claim so I can collect my items, then transfer my RefinedStorage into AE2. There isn't an AE2 kit, so that's the only reason I've used RefinedStorage.


Screenshots (Optional): N/A

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The claim was rolledback way too far. It's back at its dungeon from where we first found it. Rollback should be made around 20 minutes before this thread was made, if possible?


Things like my Extreme Reactor, Drives, etc are not there as well. 

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