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Refund Request


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Your Name: Nhess60
Item Name + Amount: Full power suit minus glove, modules include: jetpack, cooling system, flight control, shock absorbers, night vision, kinetic generator, energy shield on all pieces, active camouflage. also had in inventory 56 pyrotheum dust, 2 stacks of blaze rods, roughly a half stack of enderium ingots,  flux infused pickaxe, resonant energy cell, 2 redstone energy cell
Coordinates: +400, +1175: (not exact but very close) on or just outside of my claim
Description of Issue: I was trying to fix a toxic sludge issue inside of my giant quarry when i hit a major lag spike and was unable to escape, "trixx305" "1998hotrod" "zconvict" were all online at the time to witness my numerous deaths trying to recover my items but was ultimately unsuccessful.
Screenshots (Optional): 

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