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Complaint Always_ein


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In-Game Nickname: (Always_ein

Time and date: oct 9 

Description of what happened: three wipes ago always ein stole items apon items from my me system after i had kicked him out of the town, thats why i dont like him, and i was furious because 1 wipe after staff refused to punish him for solid evidence. i woke up today with a complaint made about me from always_ein. I which he spyed on my inv and accused me of breaking rules. Which I never broke any. I dealt with this all day and had delt with it now at almost 1am ein feels the need to again make more faulse claims. He stated that we are harassing him wrong everone was, just me and rudeures clan were also. If staff want to they can check the chat logs where i said “Saber thats enough, we don’t wanna harass them” and “final warning guys leave it alone. Please check the logs. I only insult him because he was given me so much unessasary trouble in the past.

Screenshots or Proof: ()https://imgur.com/gallery/pmd6ASu

List of eyewitnesses: (They should also make a post below)

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