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[ harassment ] (Swimsam1, rurede94, Scorp{clan})


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In-Game Nickname: Swimsam1, Zeref, everyone in Scorp.

Time and date: 7:30 10-8-18 

Description of what happened: After what had happened yesterday about the accusations of swimsam cheating, he accused me of making people in my clan private message him calling him a cheater, which I never did, also he stated multiple times that he hated when I ask why, because I invite people to my town, he then goes on to threaten people in my town, or others outside of it, that he and his clan, as well as Reich, will target and kill them, he even stated he doesn’t care what clan your in, just not TIK (My clan) there were many people there during all this.

Screenshots or Proof: http://imgur.com/koSlCqU 

List of eyewitnesses: Trixx305, members of TIK, Members of Reich, Members of Scorp, and more outside of the clans.

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Statment 1 you announceing in the discord and on the server that i was cheating, and interrogation of me, lead to people calling me a cheater, you were the main cause. 2 we kill you clan members because there r so many you invited just anyone in. Which I personally haven’t killed a single one yet, ein you “ catching me cheating before is the reason s+ and vips cant make custom postions or swords and why nei is so shit now”

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Guys this has to stop. I don't feel like dealing with your petty arguments everyday. For starters @Swimsam777, what @Always_Ein did in his first complaint was perfectly justified (even though it was slightly flawed). I say this because at the time you hadn't actually broken any rules (as I stated) therefore, the complaint wasn't 100% necessary. However, because of @Always_Ein's post I was able to prevent you from breaking Rules 4 and 5 in the future since your sword and Armour was indeed creatively influenced (you should be grateful to him).


On that note, looking at the screenshots provided I have noticed aggression towards Always_Ein and his clan. Even if you do not like Always_Ein himself, there's no need to target his clan, they are innocent bystanders. Instead of constantly having arguments break out why not just ignore Always_Ein with /ignore and vice versa (You lot ignore Always_Ein and Always_Ein ignores you). @Swimsam777 you said he got his clan members to message you on discord calling you a cheater etc. If this is true then @Always_Ein please don't encourage this, it will be classed as harassment. I don't want any arguments or counter claims, I am telling you this has to stop now. I would also like to see some proof of this.


I hope you can at least stop bothering each other. It will make everyone's lives much easier if you do as you complain about each other a lot. I don't know about your past "problems" that well however, it will be best for you both to move on and forget about it since it was a long time ago.


Clan wars are perfectly fine but, please don't take it too far and attack the same people a lot or purposely target individuals as this will be classed as harassment. No one wants to play on a server constantly fearing inevitable death whenever they leave the claim.


Preventing individuals  or groups from advancing with the modpack may cause them to leave due to having a poor experience and of course being unable to advance.


Any further matters on this subject can be through PMs. Also, please keep your arguments on the public discord to a minimum, if you wish to argue do it privately.

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