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  1. Youtuber rank

    How about this stop replying to this topic for Christ sake I don't want you here tekkit was so much better @brunyman WAKE UP
  2. Youtuber rank

    Not up to you guys its up to bruny. And my opinion on you guys is I'm sorry but one I really don't like you two 1.you got a lot of the admin to leave and 2. a lot of the main players you silence people and your kinda dicks I know how staff is being run considering I was on it bruny please fire these two
  3. Youtuber rank

    Mostly market access
  4. Youtuber rank

    Mostly market access and a nickname, vanish so I can hide from subs
  5. Youtuber rank

    Im not asking for a full Youtube rank btw i am asking for very simple permissions.
  6. Youtuber rank

    I never botted
  7. Youtuber rank

    okay that youtube sub glitch took my down 100 subs so im waiting to upload the series https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZGaOs_HkiQDMJm5KAxbaVA?view_as=subscriber
  8. Youtuber rank

    Now I already have acces to a sponsor rank in my town but because henk is ignoring me I have to make a second post. I will record for around 4-5 weeks and then release my series. Moslty Trade acess is what I need to trade with subs I will be very careful not to put creative items in the market or trade them. My profile is not sponsor but i have sponsors in my town so i will make sure they dont touch the main systems in creative and I really would appropriate your input BrunyMan.
  9. Youtube setting

    I am very serious about this but i have to be very careful about moves I make I am waiting until at least winter break so i don't get made fun of while i am in school so i cant tell you much i can give you the link privately
  10. Youtube setting

    Well this will be my first major series and since i did a video wipe it wont be. I am not asking for much maybe a vanish so when i stream no interruptions More home way points and define access to the market is a big one really beneficial for me and my subs. the only one I really want is Market access and i have separated spawned in items in my town from non spawned in. I can swear i will never sell anything with a tag/ from creative(obliviously)
  11. Youtube setting

    When I am on the server I will a lot of times record for my upcoming series I request certain commands to make the editing/ recording easier. HENK id don't want your input leave this for someone else to answer.
  12. Refund Request

    Can you give any screen shots or anything or a name?
  13. [Tekkit] Old Map Download

    Im sorry but after the date that was stated the map is now closed for download
  14. Request: more chunks

    I have reached a point In the game were I cannot do anything unless I expand my territory the problem with that is I have no chuck left to claim. I requested more and I can give resources or money to make this happen(not irl money)
  15. Lost my rank after a name change

    My post has been up for four hours and there has been no response . This post has been up for 18 minutes and got in a Response almost immediately