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  1. Bye crafters 2

    Its something unpredictable but in the end its right, I Truly Hope You had the time of your life. I will miss Craftersland and all the community Thank you for an amazing two years of my life. Create big things Dream Big. Bye bye CL Not until things improve Yes.... I will Miss you all
  2. Yoglabs

    @brunyman Ya you guys ip banned me, for something i don't completely understand but I don't think im going to pay for an unban this time. I'm probably leaving cl permanently because i don't really care what anyone says i dont think anyone deserves a permanent ban for such a low thing. Lets look at the facts I built a whole town because i wanted to thank staff and give them a common place to hang, I run a clan that is very active, and was in the process of roll backing a town. WHY WOULD I GRIEF SPAWN NOW? Plus if you consider placing idk from the looks of it only 5 dimensional doors at spawn A GREIF and deserving of a permanent ban, and that I would have to pay Money to play again then that's crossing the line. and if no one wants to believe me fine but its costing you a very active Clan Leader, Player, Sponsor, and overall common member. I will miss Craftersland and all the community Thank you for an amazing two years of my life. And to the staff that have fallen into the belief that everyone is a liar and a trickster I urge you to in the future have a belief in people. No this is not a trick Not until things improve Yes.... I will Miss you all -What is Life if Not Full Of Care If We Dont Take The Time... To Stop And Stare
  3. NEI Issues

    I crash every time I try to view a recipe
  4. Yoglabs

    Also it’s a huge base btw
  5. Yoglabs

    Well I don’t know we’re everyth was but @brunyman I claimed a little bit of the area were it used to
  6. Yoglabs

    Ahhhhhhhh okay could you hop on and help me?
  7. Yoglabs

    All I need is for @brunyman to restore it and I’ll have whoever is on help me force claim the rest
  8. Yoglabs

    And your are not remembering right.
  9. Yoglabs

    No that was in my old town.
  10. Yoglabs

    @brunyman I’ll claim it tonight but I need you to restore it please
  11. Yoglabs

    @brunyman yes but i cant get on till around Pacific stander time 6:00-8:00 tonight maybe 5;30 ish maybe. Could you have staff preserve it for me? or have something to protected it. cause i really don't want to wait until Monday to play again. One more thing Please don't role back my old/ current town as i have giving it away. Thank you for your time ps slot of that land was forced claimed -Swimsam1
  12. Voltz Server For Crafters Land

    Great modpack in my opinion 3 direwolf20 servers is wayyyyyyy over doing it. We should be trying some older ones my personal favorite= Yogscast complete pack. And tekkit classic and voltz
  13. A Third Maintenance Day?

    First off i wanna say it feels so good to have spare time to post and respond to stuff on the forums. Now I know brunyman is a very busy man so if you don't like this its okay its no big deal Ok so I have noticed allot of problems on the forums and people complaining that it takes forever for them to be responded to. This is 77% accurate. A staff member is on almost constantly to deal with this. Shout out to @RandomNukes and @Henkekalmar as they are basically always on. I mean i see there face in almost every page but most problems they cant solve without bruny. The only problem is there are many things that @brunyman cant get to all in one day. and for the people that bruny asks for something (for example a town name) he usually doesn't get around to that post again that day. Now if there was a shorter maintenance day on maybe Wednesday then everything would not be nearly as spread out and there would be allot more circulation on the forums. Plus this would allow for less work on the Friday and Monday shift. Once again simply a suggestion that may greatly benefit the forums. Thanks for your time -Swimsam1
  14. Admins (y)

    Okay You guys need to get your storys together before you make a post
  15. AN admin stell my items from chests and breake my land block

    Again you do not need two posts pick one and stick with it.

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