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  1. Swimsam777

    Town Rollback Yoglabs

    Town Name: YogLabs Coordinates: +4308, +2448Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 12:20 am sat june 16Description of Issue: I left tyawesome friended because he wanted to pvp me at my battle arena. I killed him and gave him back his stuff. And he threatened to “nuke my base” that I would pay. He also accused me of being a hacker because I could fly with power armor.I forgot I had him friended and he took soooo much. My whole me system so I think his base should be rolled backed to due to him not deserving any of the items he stole Screenshots (Optional):
  2. Swimsam777

    More Town Blocks

    Because I’m following a specific set of builds for my YogLabs town I need more claim blocks I currently have 321 and request 600-1200
  3. Swimsam777

    [Abused creative mode/item glitch](swimsam1)

    Gosh you really exposed me Busted...
  4. Swimsam777

    Town Roleback

    @MegaSniper566does anyone else live in your claim?
  5. Swimsam777

    [Complaint] Taylor_Savard

    I can back up that I did see that Taylor joined the town and I saw most interactions when he did
  6. Hey guys, I feel I’m very experienced on tekkit now and I keep hearing certain questions that people struggle to find that come up often. So I decided over the next few months or weeks all post little segments of little tips and tricks of your guide to survival in our tekkit server, hope you all enjoy. Spawning in. Most newcomers don’t realize that we have a little trick called the live map. If your a player who likes to be alone, tune out the chat and do you own thing without people bugging, finding, or even killing you. The best way to go is /dynmap hide. This command hides you from a live updating map that tracks player movements With the Live Map. People also make computer craft programs to make for easier tracking. Claiming Here in the craftersland Tekkit server we use a cool little plugin called mytown. There are many great posts that go more into detail that I totally recommend checking out, but I’ll break down the simple stuff😊. So first off you don’t need any items to claim land. But you do need to be far away from others claimed land in order to claim. @brunyman our generous owner starts you off with enough money to start claiming.(to check how much money you have do /bal). To create a town do the command /town new (town name). Then the chunk you are standing in is protected from all forms of greif😌. Staff and General Rules the rules of the server that you need to remember that people often forget Non Claimed land is free to be griefed dont insult staff English in the global chat no acsessive excessive use of caps no racism Teleporting to someone and killing them is Not allowed pvp is allowed I hope you all learned and got something out of this. I’m sure I’ll make the next one very soon!
  7. Swimsam777

    NEI Spawned Items

    @Henk Your Right if it’s for the best. Then it shouldn’t be. I trust you guys did your best. And if you say it’s a bigger problem, then okay.
  8. Swimsam777

    NEI Spawned Items

    I completely understand the abuse. But you also have to understand people paying money for these perks is surly more important. Also I think the staff have managed it quite nicely up until this year. Where bans have to be approved by certain staff, staff that really are never active in our community. Really good staff has left us and we have gained some really great staff. But I never saw your the abuse as a big enough problem to remove nei
  9. Swimsam777

    NEI Spawned Items

    Well it’s Kinda shit because people spend their money on this and you guys take it away. We can even save inventory’s anymore. Yes their are other ways to achieve it but it’s easier to do without gm1 also I never metioned creative energy cells
  10. Swimsam777

    NEI Spawned Items

    Can someone please respond to this?
  11. Swimsam777

    NEI Spawned Items

    Could some staff list some alternatives so we can use all of the features nei enables us to use
  12. Swimsam777

    NEI Spawned Items

    Also you cannot install pneumatic servos in fluiducks, spawn in spawners of anykind (which I would use to the ones they did not offer in the stores.), Safari nets don’t work in gmc, server me automating systemic can be difficult, crafting if any kind breaks. Can Someone please help. @brunyman
  13. Swimsam777

    Belgarufo's Screenshots

    Always looking to improve, and right now most of the areas were done in survival mode, but the archives walls and floors were creative. Just a FWI, In the future i will replace the walls and floors in survival mode but I have no use for them at the moment. I still have to do the Archamites ships room/ finish rocket room, library, medical wing, wrestling room, hollow hall rooms, its still a work in progress but its taking awhile do to the stalking in /v that took place when i was building it which made me work slower if your gonna do /vanish please dot jump on the block I am about to place I have no problem with it otherwise also people stalking me outside waiting for a kill. But if your nice and kind about itYou are welcome to see it anytime any feel free to let me know ways i can Improve it! Thanks!
  14. Swimsam777

    Rollback request YogLabs

    @brunyman Well my balls hurt a litt.... o the rollback ya that’s good lmao. Thanks!
  15. Swimsam777

    NEI Spawned Items

    there are many bugs that now we cant spawn in, Makes it difficult to use Quantum computing, use of power armor, Spawning in any turtle of any kind instantly goes to a norm turtle even if crafted in survival mode. Any Panels, Covers, Pillars of any type of block turn into coal version, Even when crafted the same effect happens, fuel glitches in big reactors, and so much more is so much more difficult for creative players. @brunyman It has become a real problem. just due to everything with a tag breaks and doesn't work properly, Its just not how things were designed, I dont thing there is away around it because 68% of shit breaks

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