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  1. Swimsam777

    Old Map Download

    @brunyman I thought the link would still work today!!
  2. Swimsam777

    Armor Stands/ Teleport blocks

    Hello I was wondering if we could have a plugin or something on the server that enables or gives something like armor stands??
  3. Swimsam777


    Some Squeals that are either you should stick to the original Or consider watching IRON MAN 2 A good movie for great story-line if you can follow but less action packed than most marvel movies. Taken 2 If you want to watch the same movie with almost the same plot watch this movie Transformers 2 The last considerably good movie in the series, and even that is a stretch Die Hard 2 I felt like DH1 was a great film, one of the best, but i feels like in the first movie, Bruce Willis was just a normal guy, but in the second movie he was practically invisible. Alien 2 I feel the first 2 movies in this series are classics and are great movies to get background on science fiction. Maze Runner Please GOD NO, the first movie was a great film. but the sequels we such garbage Ill mostly likely add more later on but for right now this is my short list
  4. Swimsam777

    ¿Do You Want To Play?

    Granted, but there was no afterlife for you I wish for Mr.Dinnerbone to finish Modding Api
  5. Swimsam777

    The Wall and Rule 20

    I am confused to why it would have been shut down, yes its allot of land, but random teleport, and i dont see it breaking any rules EDIT Also I remember fairly recently a complaint being made about the same topic. this has already been settled?
  6. Swimsam777

    [Complaint] ZeeDerpMaster

    I admit this certain topic got very heated. But no ones likes TIK you guys just are not likable. There may be some people that dont necessarily hate your clan. but the more the community knows you the more they get annoyed. I am very bothered by TIK personally, because of my history with always_Ein. It also bothers me how you are a community clan based on a creative user. It bothers me how you broadcast your clan, It bothers me how before you understand a situation you run crying to staff. If your not liked by allot of people, stop looking at us and start looking at yourself. If your tired of the hate dont be in a clan. its kinda what there for. If you wanna claim your tired of the harassment all the time, just dont be in a clan, because clearly you cant handle it
  7. Swimsam777


  8. Swimsam777

    Killed by donor in creative

    Lag may be an option two but, what he did was perfectly legal I assure you.
  9. Swimsam777


    I would like both my P+ on DW20 and vip on tekkit, on my profile, on the fourms
  10. Swimsam777

    Killed by donor in creative

    Ill save the staff some time, He indeed WAS taking damage he just probably had very strong power armor on or something, I know the two you listed they don't posses the ability to go into gm1 so the "sparks you listed is a lie". As im sure that was false. if you lost your stuff in pvp you cant get that back. please do understand that they are not cheating they just had better gear.
  11. Swimsam777

    [Complaint] The_Wall

    So many compaints, @Connyobro2 this is not against anyrules
  12. Swimsam777

    [ harassment ] (Swimsam1, rurede94, Scorp{clan})

    Statment 1 you announceing in the discord and on the server that i was cheating, and interrogation of me, lead to people calling me a cheater, you were the main cause. 2 we kill you clan members because there r so many you invited just anyone in. Which I personally haven’t killed a single one yet, ein you “ catching me cheating before is the reason s+ and vips cant make custom postions or swords and why nei is so shit now”
  13. Swimsam777

    Complaint Always_ein

    In-Game Nickname: (Always_ein Time and date: oct 9 Description of what happened: three wipes ago always ein stole items apon items from my me system after i had kicked him out of the town, thats why i dont like him, and i was furious because 1 wipe after staff refused to punish him for solid evidence. i woke up today with a complaint made about me from always_ein. I which he spyed on my inv and accused me of breaking rules. Which I never broke any. I dealt with this all day and had delt with it now at almost 1am ein feels the need to again make more faulse claims. He stated that we are harassing him wrong everone was, just me and rudeures clan were also. If staff want to they can check the chat logs where i said “Saber thats enough, we don’t wanna harass them” and “final warning guys leave it alone. Please check the logs. I only insult him because he was given me so much unessasary trouble in the past. Screenshots or Proof: ()https://imgur.com/gallery/pmd6ASu List of eyewitnesses: (They should also make a post below)
  14. Swimsam777

    (Swimsam/jackseno accusation)

    I was very cautious as stated that is not "" my base but more of a self achievement, I have bigger plans for a base. First I stated I have done nothing wrong. Two @brunymanI hate the fact that anyone has access two /invsee as it creates boy crying wolf situations like so. FOR FUTURE REFERENCE my "base" which is the helicarrier stated above is a personal goal and is not my base but a meeting point However i still am planning on using the same town for my base and starting over after I am done with the helicarrier. my base is going to be a naval base with a collection of a few ships. Yes the sword was influenced creatively which i stated. @EPICfighters I still intend two trade with people, but i wont be using anything on the helicarrier. if it helps you sleep you can clear my inv and my me, because creative was for building and claiming the helicarrier. I do what some repercussion because this was none of eins business, it was taken WAYYYYY to far, it caused harassment where i was called a cheater. He did this with the soul intent to harm me. And I wasn't lying I got almost exactly 27 leg keys and 48 vote keys. I have been trying to better myself and stay away from cheating. I do not intend to come off aggressive Thank you for your time
  15. Swimsam777

    (Swimsam/jackseno accusation)

    Oooooooooof your proof any proof at all except my base was made in creative? I hate this harassment. ein has gotten his clan members to pm me on discord calling me a cheater. I couldn’t trade with anyone last night because they were scared. Look i have 50+ vote and legendary keys from my accounts thats were my rapid progress came from. Not to mention that he brought this up in a discord last night which was the wrong way to go about it, also if you check chat logs i say something like “so mamy keys to open” before I opened them, and sorry that I had keys.

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