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  1. Rollback request

    Your Name: Swimsam1 Town Name: Yoglabs Coordiantes: idk it got resetTime/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): November 22Description of Issue: well I was testing something with a creative account on my legit town normally I wouldn’t make this kind of request but I believe the time and effort that went into making that town I believe that deserves a second chance. Screenshots (Optional):
  2. Sorting things out

    Hi as you all may know i am taking a month of absence from tekkit but somethings do require my attention before I leave. 1. Staff please do not rollback the town Yog.Labs becasue i will be offline for a month 2. @BigMan5208 Is to be moved back into his own town with his own Me system 3. Shout out to @belgarufo @RandomNukes @Nukelar @SKULL9867 @Ohanno_WhiteWolf @Yusixs If i dint list you i am sorry I am in a rush 4. Please try not to contact me in my leave as I hope to come back refreshed but if you truly need me i will check my inbox at the end of the week here on fourms 5. Thanks to all of you
  3. Another Rolback Swimsam1

    Updated @brunyman
  4. Another Rolback Swimsam1

    Account Name: Swimsam1 Town name: / Character name : (HoleDiggers.inc Coordinates: -572 +3223 67 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: the start of November Description of Issue: someone in the town is griefing so I’m removing everyone temporary *Screenshots: ( Not necessary but helpfu
  5. Particle accelerator not working

    You ever see it produce any antimatter?
  6. Particle accelerator not working

    Infinite power blocks can’t sustain 5 chunks
  7. Inventory Wipe

    IGN: jackseno inventory totaly cleared I cannot log on because of its corrupt inventory
  8. Space Station Issue

    The email usually goes to spam
  9. Belgarufo's Screenshots

    My Yoglabs recreation on there?
  10. Particle accelerator not working

    I’ve built three come two my base take a look
  11. Particle accelerator not working

    @brunyman Atomic energy is expensive and please block this power source or fix it or make it so the chunks will load im not expert but is not fair for people do build massive particle accelerators and there be no pay off
  12. Rollback Request

    v Account Name: Swimsam1 Town name: / Character name : HoleDiggers.Inc Coordinates: -563, 3222, 61 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: Before I was banned lets say November the 6th Description of Issue: Main Me drives stolen Base griefed *Screenshots:
  13. Unban Swimsam1/Staff predicted it

    Sooooooo? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ohh I Rebel Just For Kicks Now I been feeling it since 2017 ... And I feel It Still
  14. Unban Swimsam1/Staff predicted it

    O The ToxicAvenger i had that nick for days it was funny and also like i said BAD COINCIDENCE In the command request I wanted to gather all of the facts before I made this post @brunyman ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ohh I Rebel Just For Kicks Now I been feeling it since 2017 ... And I feel It Still
  15. Particle accelerator not working

    So you expect that the average player can load 12 CHUNKS thats crazy and no it shouldn't work like that before the wipe a 5x5 worked @BigMan5208 had one MFR chunk loader only go 1 chunk and to go more the power it requires is by fulmination generators... See the irony