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[Tooltip Question] Waila and Vanilla? Overlap

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I'm not sure where to post this, so I'll put it here.  Feel free to move it to the appropriate forum!


Let me preface this by saying the overlap in question is not a physical matter of one obscuring the other; I know very well how to reposition the WAILA display.


I like having the WAILA information on 'constant display'; it aids my play-style quite a bit and I'm not really willing to disable or toggle it.


My problem is that there's a tooltip at the top of the screen (see upper center of picture for an example) which duplicates the information WAILA provides (but only a fraction of it).  With both visible, this eats up a lot of my screen real estate and is redundant.


So my question is "How do I disable this feature?"  I'd even settle for "What mod or Vanilla setting affects this?"  (Thus I might even be able to adjust it's position to off-screen.)


Thanks in Advance, for Your Time and Attention,


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