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Killed by donor in creative


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I was in my town when I saw this galactacraft rocket ship flying through the air. It was odd so I went to see what it was. The ship was just outside my claim. I went out and the rocket turned out to be a player and killed me instantly. The chat said they killed me with "black magic". When I was looking at the rocket I saw a player and their name was"Nhee" with numbers. However, I was killed by "rurude" with numbers (I cant rememher the names because they shortly after logged off. As I was hitting "Nhee" I saw crit sparks but wasn't actually doing any damage to them. I suspect this is because they were in creative mode. I know for a fact that Nhee is a donor as he has a coloured name a nickname that is"_____" (underscores). The baiting out of my claim isnt a direct violation of the rules but PVP in creative mode is surely breaking them. My in game name is "bleachisverynice". I lost more than 80% of my resources in that incident and will cause me to stop playing because of the loss. I have been playing on this server since the start of the previous wipe (before the one that just happened). Until now I have been enjoying this server alot as it is really well made and fun.



Bleachisverynice (Enzo)

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Ill save the staff some time, He indeed WAS taking damage he just probably had very strong power armor on or something, I know the two you listed they don't posses the ability to go into gm1 so the "sparks you listed is a lie". As im sure that was false. if you lost your stuff in pvp you cant get that back. please do understand that they are not cheating they just had better gear.

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Could not find anyone with the name Nhee. I did however find a player with the name Nhess60 although, I am unable to confirm the rank of this player.


Since you said you died by "Black Magic" I reckon it was Rurede94 who actually killed you. This player I believe is either a VIP or Premium player (can't remember). You only get access to creative (Gamemode 1) at Premium+, Sponsor and Sponsor+.


Therefore, this kill would be legit. Sorry to hear about your loss however PvP is allowed and therefore a "refund" would not be applicable.

6 hours ago, bleachisverynice said:

I lost more than 80% of my resources in that incident and will cause me to stop playing because of the loss

I hope this isn't true, I bet there are many players in Tekkit that would graciously help you out.

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