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Some Squeals that are either you should stick to the original

Or consider watching

IRON MAN 2 A good movie for great story-line if you can follow but less action packed than most marvel movies.

Taken 2 If you want to watch the same movie with almost the same plot watch this movie

Transformers 2 The last considerably good movie in the series, and even that is a stretch 

Die Hard 2 I felt like DH1 was a great film, one of the best, but i feels like in the first movie, Bruce Willis was just a normal guy, but in the second movie he was practically invisible.

Alien 2 I feel the first 2 movies in this series are classics and are great movies to get background on science fiction.

Maze Runner Please GOD NO, the first movie was a great film. but the sequels we such garbage 

Ill mostly likely add more later on but for right now this is my short list

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