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Town rollback request


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Your Name: ynbersusk
Town Name: PooLand , PooLand2
Coordinates: towns located at x2550y2550
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 20:00 gmt+3 , 12th oct 2018
Description of Issue: every single storage slot (in chests and machines) are gone, in every single chunk in both my towns. (even upgraden in ic2 machines)

a player suggested they were removed by staff to prevent lag, due to his own previous experience. (i do not know if my enderchest was wiped as i do not remember if i had items stored there, items in my inventory were still present).

kind of really dissapointing as i was looking forward to have some relaxing fun before a week of 24/7 work
Screenshots (Optional): 

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