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[Rollback Request] WaloGames


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Your Name: WaloGames
Server Name : 

Inventory Rollback or Claim Rollback: 


Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 

5 days approximately
Description of Issue: 

I have had this problem of which my articles of my inventory have disappeared, they pediria that porfavor do a rollback to my account of (5 days) since my things have taken them from me as 4 days ago again. Thank you
Screenshots : 

-before https://imgur.com/a/AC7hyOW

-now https://imgur.com/a/keRy9ro

I am looking forward to your response! :) .

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So, @KawaiiDesu , the screenshoots are since 2 months ago but you are saying you want the rollback to be made 5 days back from now? Also if you know the items there is no need to make a rollback request, just a refund one. It's faster and easier to do... Anyway I think the rollback couldn't be possible because the duration of 2 months.. it's a big amount of time, you know and files don't have saves that back in time. Maybe it will be better if you give us a better explanation of how exactly your items have gone and somebody will try to refund you then.

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