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[Unban Request] Dumblore


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[1] In-Game Username:

[2] Details of Situation:

Fiddled with Spawn's Computers

[3] Ban Category:

Rule 8: No Griefing Any Protected Territory (Spawn is a permanent ban)

[4] Ban Duration:


[5] Staff Member:

I am unsure of who banned me.

[6] Screenshots:


[7] Your Reason:

It's been some time since I was banned, and I admit that I was very immature and radical during and before the time I was banned. Having given time to break away from all the issues and personal shortcomings, I ask that I be given a chance to show and prove that I have turned a new leaf, though I completely accept the consequences of my actions and if the staff wills that I remain banned, then I have no qualms with their decision.

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