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[Unban] [FuzeIII_]


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[1] In-Game Username:

[2] Details of Situation:

Before I start, I have no problems with the rule 13 mute, it's 100% fine, no arguments on that at all.


So I broke rule 13, I was muted, around 5-10 minutes before that I was paid by a Nick player nicknamed void. He paid me 500 to sell him yellorium. I didn't have his name and minutes after I got muted from chat. It was just for 1 hour which is reasonable and 100% cool, but I was I just realized that void had paid me 500 and I don't have his name! I try to press tab a couple of times and hope to find void's name but I couldn't. I had PM'ed MeanManSlayer asking him what's Rule 15 and he told me to not to use /pm /msg or it's a rule 2 offense. I waited from a while still hoping to find void's name somehow, but I didn't. I really didn't want void to feel scammed or left out, because he might have had real life issues and had to log, I really wanted to refund him or send his ingots. I PMed MeanManSlayer again, telling him to help me, logs below. I really had no intentions of bypassing my punishment for any reason but to make sure that void didn't feel scammed. void is a Nick which means his name can be hidden, if I only knew his name, I would just send him the ingots or refund him without PMing staff.

Again I didn't have void's name I tried to reach out to the staff so if they could help me with the situation but I got banned and later had the chance to explain it on discord.

[3] Ban Category:

Rule 2

[4] Ban Duration:

48 Hours.

[5] Staff Member:


[6] ScreenShots:

Logs for what I exactly told MeanManSlayer.

[7] Your Reason:

I just tried to reached out for the staff and hope that they could help me resolve the situation by providing void's name or telling void to wait for an hour because I was muted, I know it's rule 2, I'm aware of that but I was hoping that the staff would understand the situation and solve it.


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While i would agree (but also wouldn't at the same time, i'll come back to that later) on the ban for bypassing the mute after a verbal warning as rule 2 clearly states, i do have a few notes.


1. Tekkit is a bit of an odd place to staff, rules are a bit less thought of before something is done. so I would've verbally warned before imposing a Rule 13 punishment.

keep in mind that you have to remind people of the rules here.


2. messaging staff to explain what the issue is, especially in this case, shouldn't be considered bypassing... It just comes out as not willing to help or just not caring about the job at hand. in this case Fuze was trying to prevent any misunderstandings during his deal with a person he had yet to identify.


Normally i'd agree with the ban on the ground of it being an actual bypass, but this is just a bit over the top... straight up jumping on rule 13, eventhough understandable, wasn't the right course. (unless i'm missing some parts of the story) and then banning for trying to explain an issue to staff... i can't even see him msg again after you verbally warned him about rule 2 (aside from the sorry)!




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After reading through the logs I have come to the decision to unban you. You have been playing tekkit for 5 days now (from what I can tell) so usually you should of read the rules by now however judging from your reaction and what has been said you clearly haven't. Ignorance of the rules is no exception but in this case I can see how it was not intentional as you was trying to contact staff about a potential rule breaking issue.


In the future, if you are muted and need to contact staff you can use the /ds command (direct support) or contact them via discord.


The rules page is here please read through them thoroughly to make sure anything like this doesn't happen again.



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