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New item bans


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Not sure why we have the active camo on parmor disabled now or the straw both work fine with no exploits. Only reason cups were banned was that they bugged out in transposers and duped fluids and broke inventories. Active camo just applies the invis potion effect to the player, the invis potion is still craftable so why not the parmor module? Just trying to avoid what has happened before with people crying because of pvp on a pvp server. 


Mostly looking to talk to @brunyman here.

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Good luck trying to get his attention. One of the other admins/mods will lock this topic because it's "pointless."

I agree - people complaining about PVP on a PVP server should not be coddled. There's a reason PVP is enabled, and there's also a reason that KeepInventory is off. If they really wanted to increase the player pool, they would turn KeepInventory on and disable PVP. Any time an admin says "people leave when they're killed" I just laugh a little and stifle my thoughts. No more. Every server I've played on with KeepInventory on has been overrun by overly sensitive people. Yeah, you may have 50 more players than you did previously... but all 50 of those additional players are more hassle than the ones who can recover from being killed by server glitches. They're the type of people to spam chat for 2 hours trying to find a ferrous ingot instead of beating a tree and making the tools required to mine it themselves. They're also the type of people to purchase something and then immediately refund it through their bank... or steal their parent's credit card. 

The staff is legitimately trying to help make the server better - but they're doing it the wrong way. I've voiced my opinions many times only to have it fall on deaf ears. The staff here do not take criticism with grace - they lash out and ban you for disrespecting their authority. 

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These items were banned due to the OP attack power you could gain. With the right setup you could 1 shot any player, even players with good power armour die quickly.


Compared to the invisibility potion, the Active Camo on power armour has no timer (unless you take into count the power you have left). There are also no particle effects, therefore, cannot be seen and can stay hidden for a long time. 


You are still able to PvP without these 2 items. The reason people complained was because of that OP setup which you can no longer do. I don't see how this turned into such a fuss, these two items don't make the server unplayable ?‍♂️


On 11/13/2018 at 9:22 AM, Archmaestro said:

The staff here do not take criticism with grace - they lash out and ban you for disrespecting their authority. 

I don't remember anyone being banned due to this. Please don't accuse staff of such poor behaviour. 

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