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[DW20 1.12.2] Vote Restart

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Recently there has been a lot of server lag. While it might be annoying lag is a part of FTB but server restarts seem to mitigate it. I think that adding a vote restart function would help so that when enough players on the server decide that there is too much lag they can vote and possibly get a restart (rather than waiting for a GM or for a scheduled one).


Some features I think should be included are:

- Only 30% of the people on the server have to vote for a restart for it to happen with a minimum requirement of 2. (Necessary as many people aren't active in chat or go afk) 

- Timer that prevents vote induced restarts from happening within 30 minutes of each other. 

- The 30 minute timer could be bypassed if 75% of the people online vote (for those rare times when a second restart is needed)

- A method to vote against the restart. Voting against would remove one of the 'for' votes from the current total. (Against votes would expire after 30 minutes or when the person goes offline) 


I think this would be a great way for the community to take a more active role in lag control while also removing part of the load from the GMs. 

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sounds like a cool idea only problem is the lag is caused by peoples bases, online players that is also the twilight forest is super laggy then the tps will always be low. even after a restart all the player has to do is load the laggy base once and then the tps shoots down again. dw20 1.12 is one of the modpacks that wont even run smooth 20 tps regardless of how many restarts, just due to the large bases/other dimensions.   as i told someone yesterday server is most playable when nobody is online lol

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